• The first shoes truly created to fit the human feet.

    Treksta developed nestFIT technology by measuring the natural curves and the contours of 20,000 individual feet. We’ve used that data to create the shoes that will cradle the feet naturally. nestFIT gives you the protection for your feet with the unfettered feeling of being barefoot.
  • Make a huge difference.

    We 3-D scabbed and analyzed feet of 20,000people and created a contour map to allow 226bones and 33joints in feet stay in comfort. That’s why nestFIT Last keeps your feet perfectly comfortable compared to other trekking shoes.

    nestFIT takes off the pressures on your feet by 23% and the level of fatigue on muscle by 31%, letting you enjoy outdoor activities with more fun and comfort.
  • Independent Suspension Technology.

    Treksta’s I.S.T technology allows your feet to adapt to the abnormal and uneven surfaces through independently moving outsole structure. The principle is simple. Specially designed I.S.T technology works like a spring. Each lugs move independently, and they move vertically up and down. If one lug steps on a foreign object, it automatically moves up to adapt to the surface.

    This revolutionary technology will help you to walk and run longer miles than you have ever had.
  • Balance Outsole Design

    Independent Suspension Technology allows your feet to adapt to the abnormal and uneven surfaces through indenpendently moving outsole structure.

    Through applying I.S.T technology to the shoes, they will offer a great shock absorption quality, and independently moving PU lugs will give even and better traction for your shoes.

    Lasting Board + Low hardness EVA Midsole + High elasticity EVA lugs + Outsole.

    - Outsole lugs work like a spring, and moves vertically up and down.
    - Wen stepping on an uneven surface, the lugs on the outsole automatically move up to adapt to the surface, creating higher degree of even traction.
    - Each lugs moves independently, not affecting other adjoining lugs.

    Because of the nature of the cushion and the trength of its stable and highly elastic EVA lugs, if one lug steps on a foreign objet, it automatically adapt to the surface by using the principle of force. EVA lugs always maintain the orginal shape, and they only move independently when they encounter the foreign object to adapt to the new surface. The even traction of the shoes and its shock-absorption quality protect the joints as well as the spine, letting you explore any types of terrain.

    Zerotie’s foot activated lacing system allows you to tie your shoes via hands free process that requires no bending and only uses the weight of your leg to tighten the laces. You slip on your shoe, slide the heel for lace-up; release the lacing by simply stepping on the release buckle.

    The first hands free shoe lacing ever, Treksta’s Zerotie foot-activated lacing system eliminates the need to bend, manually put-on, and tighten your shoes.
  • Running just got even better

    HyperFoam ™ is a groundbreaking innovation in cushioning. It provides not only light weight and energy-returning, now it delivers better glove-like fit and perfect balance on any types of terrain for the ultimate running experience.

    HyperFoam ™ technology is engineered with midsole volume that is up to 2.5 times more than the standard trail running shoes, and it is also made with specialized two ‘Different Density’ dual foam materials to create better and stable balance on any types of terrain.
  • Superior on Wet and Icy surfaces.

    ICE-LOCK is a a patent pending technology that dramatically increases traction on ice and wet surfaces. Micro-glass filaments are electrostatically aligned in the rubber newly developed shape of the bottom profile was specially designed to ensure the lugs wear out much more slowly.

    ICE-LOCK’s special rubber compound improves the sole’s durability and functionality.
  • Walk and Run free on icy and wet surfaces

    Necessity is the mother of invention. The idea for IceLock arose from waking up to snow covered path on a morning when we had a big run planned. Also, it came from the perfect day hike that was cut short when the path turned from dirt to packed snow as the elevation of the hill increased. It grew out of the frustration of having to buy different shoes for each season it evolved when we began to think about the hazardous black ice laced trek to the grocery store. Our all-year outdoor lifestyle demanded a solution, a totally new innovative solution, and IceLock was born.
  • The Next Generation of Treksta Innovation Made Even Simpler.

    A simple gear system is built inside the boots, allowing the spikes to move in and out. The spike’s sole is as versatile as any other boot and to prepare hikers for the unexpected, T-spike shoes can transform with all kind of trail conditions.
  • No more cold feet, Control your temperature.

    Treksta’s Winter shield system is a ground breaking heating system which designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable, no matter the weather. Ready to use with the simple push of a button, Treksta’s Winter System runs at full-power once you start to warm up. It will provide better outdoor activity experience at all times.
  • What is SuperGum

    Hypergirp SUPERGUM is our innovative technique to created high performance sticky soles.

    Supergum is so unique! Why? The grip performance of SUPERGUM is Close to a butyl sole, but with 3 times better abrasion. The Hypergrip technicains developed a special blend of ingredients to make this possible.

    White Carbon increases the excellent abrasion performance and liquid rubber improves the stickiness again. The combination of the ingredients and the way of producing remains a secret of Hypergrip.


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